Graduated Tokyo Polytechnic University (Faculty of Engineering).
Presented “GERORISUTO”, “CATERPILLAR” after the band career.
Work with the Director Sogo Ishii as an acting assistant.
1992, “PINOCCHIO 964” had selected for International Film Festival Rotterdam, screened 25 places in Europe.
1996, Presented “RUBBER'S LOVER” which had selected for International Film Festival Rotterdam.
May 2008, presented “the hiding” in Tokyo.
June 2008, finished shooting a new work,”S-94”, which is coming on 2009.




2010. Humanity has been lost by ”S-94” virus and only two women have survived.
MIU has strong wish to live, but ICE has no wish to stay alive.
Though, they live together, keeping the balance somehow at the shelter.
One day, They find another survivor SHUMA through the radio transmission.
Two women start to fight over one man.

Director, Writer, Editor.........Shozin Fukui
Producer.........Eitaro Tomori
Cinematographer.........Shu Kageyama
Special Makeup.........Mukunashiyoru
Costume Design.........Sayaka Kai
Music.........Rieu (Despair)
Assistant Director.........Yuuichi Kashima
2nd Assistant Director.........Kentaro Nakamura
Assistant Camera.........Shoot Suzuki
Associate Producer.........Kumiko Fujikawa
Production Assistant.........Toshihide Higashizawa
Produce, Publicity.........Honekoubou

Nozomi Miu
Yuko Ice
Yuya Shuma

Mankind has undergone the baptism of blood by their own creation, “S-94” virus. It had massive destructive force to kill 100% of victims.
Only two women have survived the catastrophe of pandemic. There is no future for the continued existence of mankind.
How are people going to survive under the hopeless situation?
Blood and noise blow up in the monochrome world.



the hiding


Narumi has been suffering from her ex boyfriend Shinichi’s stalking behavior. She got serious nervous break down, and moved into a new place to escape from him. She had spend everyday life like a shut in and alcohol addict.
One day, Aiko, a mystery woman, has suddenly broke into Narumi's room. She caught Narumi and threaten her by violence. With Aiko’s unusual "power", she could scan the information on Narumi's brain.
When Aiko had pulled up the information about Shinichi from Narumi's brain, Shinichi showed up in front of them.
Aiko's mysterious power started to awake Narumi's brain. Narumi also started to expand her unknown ability.

Director, Writer, Editor.........Shozin Fukui
Producer.........Akio Endo, Eitaro Tomori
Cinematographer.........Shu Kageyama
Special Makeup.........Mukunashiyoru
Assistant Director.........Yuuichi Kashima
Assistant Producer.........Toshihide Higashizawa
Planning, Produce, Publicity.........Honekoubou

Makiko Narumi Arita
Neo Aiko Sakamoto
Eitaro Shinichi Yonezawa

Bizarre colors appear on the screen.
Red like a blood, green like an aquarium with algae grew. Spectrum colors come and go in the screen as the story goes by.
You may find yourself awake in the total new world, in ecstasies you’ve never felt.
The “Noise” is also a big part of this movie. It’s overwhelming and extreme, even sometimes drowns out the dialogues as well.
The most impressive noise of this movie is breath sounds of Narumi (main character). It is consistent from beginning to end in this movie. Sometimes it sounds irregularly, and sometimes it sounds rhythmically. You may find that is a breath of this movie itself.





Director's Cut Version of the Horror DVD "Onne"(Released in 2007).
Director, Writer, Editor.........Shozin Fukui
Cast.........Shuzei Ito, Makiko Mizote, Chisa Fukuyama, Yasunari Kawabata

"DERENAI"(means "No way out") is a Director's Cut of the movie "Onne" which has produced as Original DVD Movie in 2006. It was reborn as brand-new work as Fukui broke new ground.





Director, Writer, Production, Editor.........Shozin Fukui
Cast.........Yota Kawase, Nao, Sosuke Saito, Mika Kunihiro, Zeeko Uchiyama, Norimizu Ameya


A powerful and secretive corporation is conducting underground psychic experiments utilizing Digital Direct Drive, otherwise known as D.D.D. While under the influence of the drug ether, the human subjects are outfitted in rubber suits and bombarded with D.D.D. with extremely intense sound. Though the experiments are successful in unleashing psychic powers in the test subjects, the results are usually fatal. As a result, the corporation attempts to shut down the experiments against the wishes of Motomiya and Hitotsubashi who are in charge of the research.

In a desperate attempt to salvage their work, the two researchers take over the lab and hold an innocent secretary hostage while they transform their fellow researcher (Iinuma) into an ether addict and use him as the final human guinea pig for their experiments. The result has to be seen to be believed as Iinuma's psychic powers are unleashed in a wave of ferocity that will leave you breathless.

RUBBER'S LOVER was invited to International Film Festival Rotterdam in 1996, and it got mixed reviews of high praise and criticism since this film is so divergent.





Story, Director, Editor.........Shozin Fukui
Writer.........Shozin Fukui, Makoto Hamaguchi, Naoshi Aida
Cast.........Hazi Suzuki, ONN−CHAN, Koji Otsubo, Kyoko Hara, Rakumaro Sanyutei, Kota Mori, Tomio Watanabe
(1991/STEREO/color/96min.40sec.(964) )

PINOCCHIO 964 is the nightmare of a cybernetic sex android let loose into the world without a memory.
Wandering around Japan, Pinocchio finds Kyoko, another amnesiac with a horrible secret to her own memory loss. Together they try to piece their lives and live in a world where memory is no longer needed.
At the same time, Pinocchio's fiendish architect and master is desperately trying to find his lost prototype before the world finds him. As agents hunt down Pinocchio, the sex android begins to unravel in what can only be said is a hallucinogenic thrill ride that has to be seen to be believed.

At first moment, this film had difficulty to pass the ethical judgment because of its extreme and intense scenes. Finally it has received an R-rating to be able to show at the theather.
We brought huge speakers and PA system into the theater by ourselves to have a loud sound screening, the sound could even shake the house. This way of screening was never seen in anywhere in Japan at this time.




Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Music, Sound,
Production Design.........Shozin Fukui
Cast.........Katsumi Nishiyama, Eiko Kogure, Takeshi Onizuka, Kazuki Takenaka,
Tomio Watanabe, Shozin Fukui, Miu Narita

The power of angel and fallen angel are awake and they both start to affect the function of the cyborg.
Sharman and Golden Mask accelerate the speed of destruction.
MIU sings a song in spite of these drive.
The non-stop accelerated power barrel through the metropolice.

Overwhelming cuts and sounds has got beyond the boundaries of the traditional film size.
This movie is where PINOCCHIO 964 started.

Starring Katsumi Nishiyama ( Inuyamaiin ).
The late MIU NARITA from legendary band Libido is acting



Director, Cinematographer, Editor.........Shozin Fukui
Cast.........Chiemi Endo (Engekisha Tourou)

A girl pukes away like a mad.
She can't help exploding herself and barks against the crowd on the street as her spirit moves...

This work opened up Fukui's new world as he came up with the radical idea such as the long-shot of the vomitive scene.

In 1990, "GERORISUTO" was screened with "Basket Case 2" for 6 weeks at Musashino Hall (Nakano, Tokyo).
A lot of people were sickened by the vomitive scene in it and left the theater during the film. But the word of mouth about the reputation was what attracted more people to the film.
This is an offbeat 8mm film.



Director, Writer, Production, Editor.........Shozin Fukui
Cast.........Hazi Suzuki, CRACK The MARIAN

One night, dynamites and machine guns were stolen from U.S.base by evil group.
Next day, Masami, Norio and Jinpachi skipped work and went on a drive to nowhere.
An annoying van driving too slow ahead of them made them even more irritated.
They passed the van for fun.
But the mad van raced pass their car and hold them completely.
Besides, evil group came out of the back of the van...

"METAL DAYS" was produced in the early period of Fukui's career and was invited to many universities' film festivals.