Profile of Honekoubou

Established by Shozin Fukui and his friends in 1985.
Produced 8mm films such as “Chaser of the Ranger” (1984/8mm/color/15min.), “Scourge of the Blood” (1985/8mm/color/3min.), “METAL DAYS” (1986/8mm/color/60min.), “GERORISUTO” (1986/8mm/color/12min.) and “CATERPILLAR” (1988/8mm/color/33min.) in the early period.

In 1990, "PINOCCHIO 964"(1991/STEREO/color/96min.40sec.(964) ) had a long run of 10 weeks at Musashino Hall(Nakano, Tokyo), toured Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka.
Brought huge speakers and PA system into the theater, had a "Detonating Sound Screening".

In 1995, “RUBBER'S LOVER”(1996/B&W/96min.) had a long run of 10 weeks at AMUSE CINEQUANON (Shibuya, Tokyo).

Launched "Tokyo Salon Project", produced events of the artists such as Harumi Yamazaki and Kiyotaka Tsurisaki.

In 1999, Had a break from work with the end of the century.

In 2007, Restarted Honekoubou with new members. Produced "the hiding"(2008/DV/color/40min.), had a late show of 4 weeks at Cinema Artone(Shimokitazawa, Tokyo) in 2008.


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